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ACE Home Thai: Business trip massage company in Seoul

Must Read is a business trip massage company in Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon where you can conveniently receive traditional Thai massage services at your location with a single phone call.

100% safe postpayment system

Companies that ask for advance payment for deposits, travel expenses, reservation fees, etc. are 100% scams.

Our business trip massage, ACE Home Thai, ACE Business Trip Massage, and Ace Business Trip Massage make a principle of paying directly to the manager upon arrival.

Leave your worries aside and experience true relaxation with ACE Home Thai ACE Business Trip Massage.

You can heal your body and mind with amazing treatments provided by warm and friendly staff from a local Thai massage school.

Our staff will do their best to ensure that you can truly relax.

Course and Guide

The best comfort that never changes

Special & VIP Care

[Special: Meridians + Emotions] 120 minutes 130,000 won 

[VIP: Special + Foot Care] 150 minutes 160,000 won

By combining meridian massage or emotional therapy massage, the goal is to purify, detox, heal, and heal the skin. Enjoy the healing benefits of body treatments in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. With expert hands, we will restore balance to your body and mind. Book today.

Emotional Aroma

[Emotional Healing] 60 minutes 80,000 won 

[Emotional Healing] 90 minutes 100,000 won 

[Emotional Healing] 120 minutes 130,000 won

– Using high-quality aroma oil from a local premium spa shop, it is good for improving blood circulation and removing swelling by caressing the muscles of the whole body and gently stimulating the groin lymph nodes. The parasympathetic nerves are stimulated delicately and sweetly by an expert, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep in a relaxed state by keeping your mind and body in the best balance. Give yourself a gift for a happier tomorrow.

Meridian massage

[Meridian massage] 60 minutes 70,000 won

[Meridian massage] 90 minutes 90,000 won

[Meridian massage] 120 minutes 100,000 won

-Blow away the stress from your busy daily life with a meridian massage based on traditional Thai massage. A treatment that awakens the five senses and heals the soul from the inside out. Enjoy comfortable relaxation and recharge your energy with this product.

Take action

-You can visit anywhere, including your home, studio, officetel, motel, or hotel, and we provide all massage supplies so you don’t have to prepare anything.

-If you make a reservation at least 30 minutes in advance, we will visit you at the time you want as much as possible. You can also change the course or add more time during the massage.

– It operates as a 100% secure post-payment system with no prepayment requirements such as deposits, deposits, or other reservation fees. After arrival, you can pay directly to the manager and receive a massage. (Card and bank transfer are available. 10% VAT will be added for card payment.)


*Take away the fatigue and stress from work and daily life due to COVID-19 with our business trip massage, ACE Home Thai ACE Business Trip Massage, and Ace Business Trip Massage.

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